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Ongoing Project: CUBEECRAFT!

  • You'll have several days to create your Cubee Army! Your job is to create a Cubee of your choosing and one of yourself!   Assemble the army on the side tables.

  • Check out for some examples.

  • Choose one that looks like you and download the file. Open in Photoshop or Illustrator.

  • Your final should look like a vector character style of you. When finished creating your Cubeecraft, print and use an exact knife (not scissors) to cut out & fold your character.  Size is 8 1/2" x 11".

  • Once you print, use a cutting mat. Do not cut on the desks without a cutting mat.

  • Carefully cut and assemble your final and place it on the front table. Take a photo of your posse and upload them to Focus.

  • Upload your template of YOU to Focus. It should look like the example below.


  • What characteristics of "you" can you include in your design? Is there an accessory you can include?

  • In Photoshop, use Effects Gallery. Change your foreground color to black / background color to white then go to  Filter --> "Sketch" then "Stamp"

  • In Illustrator, do a live trace of a photo.



Prima settimana

Seconda settimana

Week One

Week Two

Week Three

Week Four

Week Five
Week  Six

Week Seven (Hurricane)

Week Eight

Week Nine

Week Ten

Week Eleven

Week Twelve

Week Thirteen

Week Fourteen

Week Fifteen - Seventeen

Mr Pickles.gif
PORTAFOGLIO WEB WIX è un semplice creatore di pagine Web che ti consente di guardare migliaia di modelli di siti Web, quindi salvarne uno e modificarlo. Rimuovi le loro foto e inserisci le tue. Rimuovi il loro testo, inserisci il tuo. Modifica delle combinazioni di colori, ecc. Le migliori pagine di portfolio hanno una semplice pagina di destinazione (o Splash) e quindi collegamenti alla tua galleria.

Progetta un portfolio online per te stesso. Includi la tua opera d'arte che hai progettato questo semestre, anno o così lontano durante il tuo tempo in classe. Il tuo nome dovrebbe avere un posto di rilievo nel design.

Le pagine dovrebbero includere:

  • Indice  Pagina - Esempio  Pagina - Informazioni su di te Pagina - Pagina dei contatti

*Le immagini per il caricamento devono essere salvate nei formati di file JPEG, BMP, PNG o TIFF.




Ulteriori informazioni su come ottenere la certificazione del settore


To Access Adobe From Home

  1. Go to

  2. Sign-in in the upper right corner using your r2.d2 and password.


  4. Now, choose Creative Cloud to Download. This will put the links to Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign on your desktop. If you only need one of these or already have one or two installed, look for the individual software you need and download that.

  5. Follow directions once downloaded.


Stampare i tuoi file

Abbiamo una stampante laser Lexmark (C790):

  • Dopo aver premuto stampa, sullo schermo verrà visualizzata una finestra di dialogo.

  • Assicurarsi che sia selezionata la stampante Lexmark C790.

  • Verifica che l'orientamento della carta sia corretto (verticale o orizzontale)

  • Assicurati di scorrere un po' verso il basso e seleziona la casella SCALE TO FIT MEDIA.

  • Stampa con la stampante Lexmark (Copia 2)

  • Per favore NON stampare: lavori di altre classi, meme che hai appena creato e che ritieni siano divertenti ma non lo sono, pagine di colori solidi, lavori che non hanno nulla a che fare con la nostra classe.

  • Puoi perdere i tuoi privilegi di stampa se ciò accade


Save And Upload To Focus

  • All work will be turned in using FOCUS. I will be able to grade your work, count your work and give feedback on your work using Focus. In class, turn in work using the class InBox. Final Project folders will be numbered and titled.    Make-Up work turned in past the due date will not be able to be uploaded in Focus. Use the class In Boxes


  • Grades will be entered within 1 or 2 weeks of turning in your project. Some projects will take one or two days for you to complete, some will take several weeks. Please be patient as grading is completed. Make-Up work or late work is graded at the discretion of the instructor.

Late Work

  • Work turned in late will receive one letter grade lower each day it is late. If it's more than 3 days late without instructor approval, absence, excused absence or extenuating circumstance, not turning in even one project can have a negative effect on your grade. Due Dates are very important in our industry and modeled in our class.

Saving Files

  • .PSD files preserve your layers, allowing you to come back and work on files with all your work preserved.

  • .JPEG files are compressed for display online. 300 resolution or better. Anything below is too blurry.

  • .PNG files are high quality and create a transparent background.

  • .AI files are Adobe Illustrator native

We have a class network to save your class work:

  • It allows you to keep work in class that you are working on. This file contains a folder for your class work. It is where you can keep your design work in class or move things into from your One Drive or your Flash Drive if you do work at home.​

One Drive Cloud Storage - Your Free Cloud Storage Space:

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