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Mr. Pickles and I would like to thank the thousands of students who have come through our doors seeking an education in the arts. There are so many of you who are so talented and deserve your success! I am thankful beyond words I had the small amount of time to share my life and experiences with you. Everyone showed up not knowing what would happen and looking to learn a few things -- me included. What we created was something truly special within public education. I learned so much when I wasn't even planning on it. While doing so, I wound up having so much fun that 25 years have passed by! Words of wisdom, wheel spins, pudding wrastling, Chuck E Cheese, SPIFFS, field trips, guest speakers, SkillsUSA competitions, thumbnails, Winter Olympics, Pie day, grilled Cheese Sammich day, cold pizza and root beer day, hands in pockets fast walking, kickball exam review, Star Wars Holiday Special, love bags and so, so much more. It wasn't what we did or said it was how we made each other feel and while here, I felt like a million bucks working with such talented and awesome students who I hope all grow up to be just as decent people. I did not dislike teaching (until my last 3 years) and in fact told anyone who would listen this was my job -- I got to go to work until about 2pm and work with really talented teenagers who don't know it... then I get to go home and do other things. It never felt like a job.  It has been my pleasure to be your instructor. Keep being creative, keep supporting the arts, and keep an open mind and bring a pencil!


È così bello (Notizie e ispirazione del settore)

Notizie sulle arti grafiche (notizie e ispirazione del settore)


Principianti della progettazione grafica (competenze importanti da apprendere )

Bloq creativo (tutte le notizie e le ispirazioni sul design)

Digital Arts Online (Tutte le notizie di Graphic Design)

Gamasutra (notizie sul design del gioco)

Graphic Design USA (notizie di design)

100 citazioni ispiratrici per designer s

Notizie visive (progetti infografici)

Dexigner (Concorsi di moda e design artistico)

Cultura aperta (Istruzione gratuita/Media culturali)

Latte di design (Arte & Tecnologia)

Designer quotidiano (Suggerimenti settimanali giornalieri per i designer)

boom del design (Design Arte Tecnologia Architettura)

AIGA (American Institute of Graphic Arts) (Associazione Professionale di Design)

The Dieline (notizie di Package Design)

Design Crowd (lavori insoliti e concorsi divertenti)

UC Creative (notizie e risorse di design) (Arte, Design, Illustrazioni, Foto)

Diario vettoriale (la tua casa per i suggerimenti di Adobe Illustrator)

Lost At E Minor
(Musica, Design, Scienza, Tecnologia)

99U (Progettazione artistica - Adobe)

Vettori retrò
(Risorsa di Adobe Illustrator per l'arte vintage)

Elenco delle tendenze (Tendenze nel design)

Tabella di marcia e stipendio della carriera di graphic design

Rivista Dezeen (Tecnologia di progettazione architettonica)

Rivista della settimana pubblicitaria (Campagne pubblicitarie riviste)

Nuovo scienziato (Notizie di scienza e tecnologia) (Ispirazione alla tipografia)

Libri dei desideri (Vecchi cataloghi dei prodotti dei grandi magazzini)

Imballaggio Del Mondo (Notizie sul design del pacchetto)

Digital Arts Online (notizie sul design digitale e grafico) Graphic Designer
(Quanto guadagnano)

Crappy Design di Reddit (design terribile)

Generatore di scelte casuali (rende facile la scelta)


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Mad Magazines Al Jaffee passes away

AI will turn graphic design on its head

Christoph Niemann on the illustration process of drawing everyday objects

Pepsi beverage rebrands

Fanta beverage redesign

Graphic Design Fails

Typography design 101: a guide to rules and terms

Remote Graphic Design Jobs: The Future of Work

Carin Goldberg, 69, Who Transformed Book and Album Cover Design, Dies

8 Places to Showcase Your Graphic Design if You Don't Have Any Clients

Getty Images is Suing Stable Diffusion for a Staggering $1.8 Trillion

Mickey Mouse OUT as Disney mascot! Yup - his copyright expired - NOT!

How I Got My Job: Making a Passion for Food Illustration a Full-Time Job

How people are making money on Canva and turning their graphic-design side hustles into full-time gigs

Warner Brothers celebrates 100 years

Seattle's schools are suing tech giants for harming young people's mental health

BMW's new colour - changing car concept is unreal

Smartphone addiction has been linked to decreased mental ability,

decreased personal self-control and psychological well-being

12 Graphic Design Trends for 2023 [Infographic]


A new identity for Chicago’s Institute of Design


Graphic Design News - It's Like That

The case for .JPEGXL         (Codec Comparison)

Twitter is in awe of the ingenious meaning behind the Wipeout logo

MinaLima’s Iconic Harry Potter Graphic Designs Collected In New Art Book 

Microsoft Designer using Dall-E AI

Guy records neighbors cat mumbling. Turns it into a song

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Jobs in the Arts: Designing a Career You Love

Agata Yamaguchi’s minimalist posters grapple with life’s stranger moments

Five design and visual arts podcasts for keeping up with the creative industry

The new Studio Ghibli theme park

New animated Sonic logo = fans rejoice!

NFL Hispanic Heritage Month logo tie-in gets panned

Thumbnail sketches and why you need to use them

$5k bucks for eating cereal for dinner? Count me in!

Snoop Dogg releases Snoop Loops cereal

71 brilliant and inspirational ads that will change the way you think

Eight unexpected reasons why graphic design is a wise career choice

The coolest design trends of 2022

The Netflix logo history is checkered at best...

Pepsi's logo design document is pretty weird

AI may turn graphic design on its head.

General Mills to resurrect (and redesign) the Monster Cereals for Halloween

8 hottest graphic design trends in 2022

Dove's Disturbing Deepfakes Expose Social Media's Toxic Influence

on Teen Girls

9 Best Dragon Drawing Tutorials

Affinity Designer vs Adobe Illustrator

2022 logo design trends

Jens Müller picks five logos worth revisiting from 130 years of branding history

Are these the worst logos of 2022 so far?

Frequencies and their designs

Environmental graphic designs

Design Styles and Expansive Overview of Design

Incredible collection of vintage posters for auction

Apparently there are only 10 kinds of movie posters

Twelve Wicked Awesome Vector Artists

Ten most loathed fonts for graphic designers

The Role of Sketching in the Design Process

Eight hot trends in Graphic Design 2022

Cool examples of creative Typographic Portraits

Cool 2022 Font Design Trends

The eight types of graphic design

Looking For A Job?  January Job Openings For PCS Students


App design shows you how to learn sign language

Gig Economy Infographic - Earn money in your spare time

Graphic Design Students Gather Opinions on Race Through Library Display


19 Free design resources for students

Understand Disney's 12 principles of animation

Everything You Need to Know About Converting Illustrations to Digital Drawings

How graphic designers shape a more sustainable and ethical food system

Kraft Velveeta logo redesign

Bob Gill, Graphic Designer Who Elevated the ‘Message,’ Dies at 90

Papa Johns rebrands. What do you think?

What is Character Design — Tips on Creating Iconic Characters

Eight unexpected reasons why graphic design is a wise career choice

12 dogs. 12 emotions. 12 posters. 12 colourful illustrations.

5 Best Drawing Tablets for Designers & Illustrators 

​Interesting Infographic about the Industry of Design

The best takeaways from Adobe Max 21

How video games are designed to be addictive

Are you ready for the No Nestle November campaign?   The "why"   

What's new with Photoshop 2022

8 Graphic Design Trend Predictions For 2022

Will The Demand For Graphic Designers Diminish In The Near Future?

20 top sketching tips to help elevate your skills

Office merges tech, 3D and typographic systems into its detailed graphic design


Facebook has been rebranded

What school could be

Saul Bass designed movie posters for 'The Shining'  that were not used

Where can your creative curiosity take you? Explore the The Ulm School of Design’s digital archive on Dropbox

18 Essential Graphic Design Terms You Need to Know


50 Amazing graphic designers. View for inspiration!


Stumbling Blocks and Obstacles: How to Overcome Creative Ruts

Mental health charity Calm finds a new brand identity to aid their fight against UK suicides


The Biggest Typography Mistakes To Avoid

25 names every graphic designer should know

How to create a style guide

Cultivating a Sense of Creative Purpose

An Enormous 3D Calico Cat Greets Passersby at Tokyo’s Shinjuku Station


Volvo's new logo

8 typography trends of 2021

Giant rice straw creatures take over Japan

Museum of the American Arts and Crafts Movement dazzles in St. Pete.

Brazilian game designer Maruki's perfect pixel art.


Logo design: 15 golden rules for crafting logos

Demand for freelance writers, graphic designers and web developers has exploded since the start of the pandemic, fueling a growing gig economy


My landlord painted over a roach

How can art and design bring people together to improve our mental health?

Fantasy Architectural Drawings By Alexandr Krylov


Pencil shading techniques: 5 expert tips

Animated Music Concert Festival Posters

How to craft a great logo

8 Ways To Get Your Imagination On Canvas


Jumpstart your career in digital design


Graphic Design Offers For Students


Employers Want to See Your Student Design Portfolio: Here’s How to Make It Exceptional


9 Ways Creativity Can Help Manage Anxiety

Should creatives be more dada? What we can learn from a movement that defied societal structures

Photographer 'macrofying' zooms into the depths of everyday objects to reveal new worlds

Campbells' Soup "updates" their logo. First change in 5 decades

Shepard Fairey’s LA Tourism Logo

The perspective drawing techniques of top illustrators

Adobe Illustrator tutorials: 72 lessons to boost your skills

Learn faster with the Adobe Photoshop Discover panel

Scopri le diverse aree che il design comprende a Dexigner

Adobe Max - 26 - 28 ottobre 2021 - Conferenza interamente digitale quest'anno

Questa ipnotica illusione ottica arancione ti rovinerà la mente

Suggerimenti per la progettazione dell'arte del paesaggio dai veterinari del settore

Ren e Stimpy ritornano!

8 strumenti per portare la tua immaginazione su tela

Marta Hernández sul perché il graphic design può "scatenare qualcosa di più grande"

I migliori laptop per studenti di design 2021: i migliori sistemi per la progettazione grafica

Idee intelligenti per più flussi di reddito per i grafici

Suggerimenti da conoscere per i designer per trovare il successo su Instagram

Unione di illustrazione e design dell'interazione per creare esperienze più ricche

Il nuovo logo Gmail di Google fa arrabbiare gli utenti

6 fantastiche alternative gratuite ad Adobe CC

Jun Lin su come il design grafico conferisce fisicità alla parola scritta
La fotocamera di Adobe Photoshop!

Vier5 sul ruolo comunicativo e democratico del graphic design

Quali sono le principali tendenze del graphic design di oggi?

Grafica falsa per film reali: progettazione grafica in film d'animazione

Come imparare la progettazione grafica: una guida alle notizie degli Stati Uniti

Citazioni ispiratrici da importanti donne designer - notizie sull'arte grafica

L'opera d'arte dell'artista di Tampa Nneka Jones è apparsa sulla copertina della rivista "Time"
Otto motivi inaspettati per cui il graphic design è una scelta di carriera saggia

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